Rev. 7/21/19


Green APPL Frequently Asked Questions    


What is the purpose of Green Arizona Pickleball Players League (Green APPL)? - To offer beginning pickleball players the opportunity to learn and improve during competitive play with players on similar level.


Why is there an affiliation with Arizona Pickleball Players League (APPL)? - Green APPL is the introductory level of APPL.  (We begin with this recreational slightly competitive Round Robin, in hopes that the players transition to one of the teams in APPL). 


What is Round Robin format? - A simple way to think of round robin is that it is about "taking turns."  In pickleball and other games, round-robin scheduling arranges to have all teams or players take turns playing each other.


How many teams are committed to Green APPL? - There are no teams, play is individual player Round Robin format.  Anyone that has been playing Pickleball for at least 6 months or has taken a Beginners Pickleball class can sign up for Green APPL.


Where and when will play be, what is the location, days, and times of play? - All matches will be played at Pecos Park courts in Phoenix, on Monday nights 7-9pm.


What are the anticipated dates of play? - 

  • Fall Session play dates: Monday’s September 30th - November 4th (6 sessions)

  • Winter Season dates: Monday’s January 7th – Feb 24th - November 4 (6 sessions, no matches on 1/20 and 2/17

  • Spring Session play dates: Monday’s March 9th - April 13th (6 sessions)


What are the fees?  - Anticipated fee is $20 per player, for the entire season. This fee is inclusive of all costs that the player or league will incur; except of course for travel and food.

How do I join the Green APPL League? - Go to the City of Phoenix Parks and Rec Click Here, or you can sign up at Pecos Community Center.  Registration for the Fall session opens August 8, 2019.

Do I have to be a member of a club or community to participate?  No.

The Green APPL League age requirement is 13 or older.

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