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Red APPL Captain Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I sign up a team? - First contact the appropriate Men’s or Women’s League Coordinator (LC)  by email (see the APPL website: arizonapickleballplayersleague.org for contact information) and let them know of your intent to form a team.  They will give you instructions on how to pre register your team and start building your roster on the website.  A Captain’s Responsibilities Sheet is also on the website which includes registration information and other specific details. You will need to confirm your home courts, preferred days and times of home play, recruit players among other things, all of which are outlined in the Captain’s Responsibilities Sheet. 


What are the registration fees and who do they go to? - There are potentially 2 registration fees, an APPL team registration fee and potentially a City Court fee (if applicable).The 2021 season APPL team registration fee is $150.  On a per player basis the cost PER SEASON will continue to be less than the cost to play in ONE USAPA sanctioned tournament.  The APPL fee covers APPL administrative costs (ex.  insurance, legal, awards/events and other nominal league expenses, etc).  Additionally if you are using city park courts (ex. Pecos Park) for your home court you will need to be registered with the city (see next question)


I would like to use Pecos Park courts as my home court.  What do I need to do? - If you intend to use Pecos Park for your home courts, note that on your registration form.  When your League Coordinator (LC) receives your registration form it will be forwarded to the APPL City Court Coordinator who will contact you with payment information and communicate what court day and time slots are available. The City of Phoenix currently requires a one time payment of $120 per team per season for a day and time slot for 3 courts for up to 8 weeks at Pecos Park.  Only APPL captains who have notified the League Coordinator of their intent to form a team and have completed the registration form will be able to obtain APPL league play court day and time slots.


When is my Initial roster due? - Official due dates for each season are published on the web site.  Pre registration begins August 1st.  You would start building your roster at that time.  Final registration (fees paid, home court locations/days/times defined, etc) and your initial roster is due November 15th.


How do I register my team? - When you notify the League Coordinator (LC) of your intent to form a team you will be directed to fill out the team/player Pre Registration form on the web.  Pre registration will open August 1st.  Pre registering will reserve your spot in the particular skill group and you can use it to start building your roster.   Once completed, (with home court location/day/time and fees are submitted your team will be registered. Registration deadline is November 15th.  You can continue to add to your roster throughout the season prior to your last two matches.


How many players should I have on my roster? - Typically team rosters range from 10-14 players.  However it can be more or less provided you have confidence you can field the 6 player team needed each match day. 


Are substitutions allowed? -  On match day each team is allowed 1 substitute.  The substitute shall be identified on the line-up sheet and may only be used due to injury or illness.  Substitutions are permanent for the remainder of the match.  Players removed due to injury or illness may not return to the match.  Substitutions may only be made with players on the current team roster.  There is also a substitution pool available if you find you are having difficulty fielding 6 players for a future match.  See the Substitution Pool Process on the website.


Can I add players to my roster after initial registration. - You may add to your team roster throughout the season prior to your last 2 matches.  They must be registered and have signed a waiver in order to play.  See “How do I register a team?”.


What are my options for where and when to play? - You are required to obtain the necessary commitments to provide a consistent day and time for your home matches.  3 simultaneous courts are required for 2 hours minimum (2 hours typically doesn’t allow any time for warm up.  2.5 hours is preferable.)  If you are using home “club” courts for your home matches you need to obtain a commitment from the club authorities to provide you courts on a specific day and time throughout your season  (example: Fridays from 1-3:30p).  This will be used by the League Coordinator (LC) to publish the official schedule.  Once the schedule is published you will know the specific Fridays (as in this example) you will need the 3 courts from 1-3:30p and confirm that with your home club authorities.  If you choose Pecos Park courts as your home courts, the APPL City Court coordinator will work with you to arrange for the purchase of an available 2.5 hour league play slot for APPL league play. (see above FAQ regarding Pecos Park court usage).


How often would my team play? - That will vary depending on the number of teams participating in the various Skill Groups.  The target is that there would be 6 teams per Skill Group therefore your team would play 10 matches in a season (5 - home, 5 - away) with a potential APPL championship playoff final against the winners in the other APPL regions in your same Skill Group at the end of the season (last week in March).


What happens if a match gets rained out? Who makes the decision? - In the event a match cannot be played due to inclement weather the match can be rescheduled to play anytime prior to the end of the season.  Within 72 hours captains must agree on the reschedule date and then contact the League Coordinator (LC) to record the reschedule date.  Once the reschedule date is recorded the standard schedule requirements apply (see website for Rules of Play).


What if I can’t get 6 players on match day. - See the Rules of Play and the Substitution Pool Process for specific details but, in short, if you can only field 4 players you would still play but default the games not played due to the missing team pair.  If you cannot field at least 4 players you would default the match.  If your opposing team can only field 4 players you would still bring your full 6 players team.  They would each play the opponent’s 2 teams and receive an 11 - 0 win for each game defaulted due to the missing 3rd team.  If you can field 5 players but not 6 you should consider using the Substitution Pool to round out your team (see the Substitution Rule process in the Rules of Play).


How are the match scores reported? - The Home team captain reports the scores to the League Coordinator (LC) by entering the scores on the website link.


What determines a players skill level if they are not USAPA rated? - Team rosters must consist of players with skill ratings that are consistent with the Skill Group level.  USAPA tournament ratings effective October 15th prior to the season start will be used for players with such a rating throughout the season.  For all ratings, (USAPA, club ratings, etc.), it is the responsibility of the team captain (and club administrator where applicable) to assure the ratings  are accurate and defendable to IFP and USAPA rating criteria no matter what the level.  If your quarterly USAPA Tournament Rating changes upward during the APPL season and you wish to play for a higher skill level team contact the League Coordinator.  Rosters for the 4.5/5.0+ Skill Group may only contain up to 50% 5.0 players. This requirement only applies to the roster and not to what players play on match day.


Do my team members have to be a member of a club to participate? - No.  Red APPL players are not required to be a member of a club or community. 


Can players play on more than 1 team? - Team members may play in more than one league or Skill Group but can not be on more than one team in any Skill Group.  A player who registers for a team may not switch teams within the same Skill Group once the season has started. 


Is there an age requirement? - The Red APPL divisions age requirement is 18 and over.


My team is going to be either 3.0 or 3.5.  Should I sign up for EVIL or Red APPL since those leagues have the same skill groups? - If you prefer to play in a 50+ club based league, then you should consider the EVIL league (see EVIL website link for details).  If you prefer to play in an 18+ league that is not club based, then you should consider the Red APPL league.


Do we provide our own balls? - The home team supplies the balls.  The Red Apple league requires that they be either Dura 40 or Franklin X and be new or in good condition.


When does the next season start? When would I get the official schedule? - Season start is the first week in January.  The schedule is published at least 30 days prior. (see website for specific dates).


Where can I get more information? - See the APPL website (arizonapickleballplayersleague.org) for contact information or email info@arizonapickleballplayersleague.org for specific information.



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