Player Testimonials

“The 2012 inaugural EVIL season promised and delivered exciting team pickleball play.  I joined a team and was hooked!  


Playing APPL the past two seasons has been fantastic.  The team concept was long overdue in our sport.  Competition is excellent.  


The play format is brilliant!  Excited spectators cheer for their team at home and away courts.  It’s great fun for all levels."

–David Zapatka (State Games of America Gold Medalist and 3X USAPA National Tournament Medalist)




“This is the first time for any organized pickleball team play for the guys on my roster.


They absolutely loved the team concept, found it very competitive and got their money's worth


Tournament play is not for everyone.  To be able to play competitively on a weekly basis at a cost for the whole season that is ¼ the cost for one tournament is ideal”

–JR Cuppett (Captain of the Men's 3.5 team "The  NOMADS")

"As a beginning player at the start of the season last year, the big challenge was finding other beginners who wanted to play on a consistent basis.

The league gave me 12 other players willing to practice weekly. That would have been well worth the small price of admission, but we also had 6 competitive matches.


Out of our team of 13, 5 of us continue to play almost daily. And, 4 of us bought a pickleball machine to help us improve. I’ve attended birthday parties for people I didn’t know a year ago. It has been a fantastic experience in every way. Thank you APPL!!!"

John-Scott Dixon Captain (Men's 3.0 Pecos Park Team) 

“I love the pickleball league concept. It’s a great way to enjoy organized competitive games with minimal cost and lots of

Had a fun season with my team and look forward to seeing league play take off in Arizona and on a national level.

Excellent addition to tournament and recreational play.”

-Vicki Foster (3x National Champion Tournament & Teaching Pro)

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Bringing Competitive Team Based League Pickleball Throughout Arizona