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APPL February/March Newsletter from the Commissioner




We are just about to wrap up our inaugural APPL season. Last month was full of excitement with super
competitive matches in both the Southern and East Valley regions. Team standings changed routinely every
week in many group levels. We saw teams holding practices to prepare for league matches. One team was
running weekly round robin practices to determine the top 6 players that would make the line up for their next
match. We would hear conversations about league play at nearly every social play gathering. We even heard
a couple players comparing notes on how to beat a team that was currently undefeated.

Throughout the season we have received considerable positive feedback on the APPL team based league
pickleball format. Comments like: “We had the world’s greatest match today. And a happy hour after.
Everything APPL is supposed to be.” (and that was from a team that lost.) and…”Thanks so much for creating
APPL for so many. It’s been great fun and great competition.” All very encouraging and making the hard work
of the core team all worthwhile.

That is not to say the season has been without issues. In both the East Valley and the Southern regions
rescheduling matches has been a chore for several captains and coordinators. On multiple occasions fielding 6
players for a scheduled match was difficult for captains as well. Over the summer we’ve got plenty of material
to look at to determine how we can make APPL’s next season even better than the first. All of this is good and
expected. We have a great foundational start and we can build from there.

As we entered March it looked like we had great momentum setting the stage for an exciting APPL playoffs
finale at the end of March. Trophies and plaques were ordered, awards ceremonies were planned, food trucks
lined up and teams were filling in the playoff slots to represent their Region in the Southern vs East Valley
APPL Championships. As you know by now this was all altered recently due to the need to do our part on a
more pressing national health priority. We’ll manage APPL fine and figure out how to present the regional
plaques to the winning teams and we will all look forward to next season when hopefully this is all behind us.
In the meantime, please stay in touch with the APPL website where we will publish final results and likely have
other announcements over the next month.

In closing, as we wrap up our first APPL season we would like to congratulate all the Regional Group winning
teams for their accomplishment and frankly congratulate all the teams for making this season a superb
demonstration of how much fun team based league pickleball can be. We would also like to thank all the
captains that came forward to organize and manage their teams throughout the season. We hope you spread
the word and hope to see you next season. On a personal note, I would like to thank the League Coordinators
and the entire APPL Core team for dedicating countless hours in making this season such a success.


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