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We all know that the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) virus is impacting just about everyone in the world in one way or another.  Recent events encourage that we all do what we can to impede the spread of the virus which will increase the probability of getting control of it sooner than later.  We have seen, and may have been affected by, the tough but necessary decisions recently made to help in this effort.


To do our part in the fight against the spread of this disease APPL is cancelling all playoffs and awards events planned this season.  Specifically, the APPL Championships scheduled 3/25 is cancelled. The SAPPL awards event scheduled 3/18 is cancelled. The East Valley Red APPL and EVIL awards event scheduled 3/29 is cancelled.


We will look seriously at rescheduling the APPL Championship perhaps in mid-December later this year (this is a typical approach with team based league tennis) but that is still up in the air at this point.  The regional winners will be presented their plaques in some other manner determined by the regional directors shortly.


We are not forcing the cancellation of any remaining matches given that they involve a small group of people but we encourage those playing to take precautions and revisit the need to play the match.  No team will be penalized for not playing a match due to this issue. We will deal with any championship affected withdrawals on a case by case basis.  


It is unfortunate that our inaugural season has to end this way but we feel strongly that if this action could save the life of one of our players or prevent the spread of the disease it is a “no brainer”.


Thank you all for participating this year and we look forward to an even bigger and better Season 2 next year.


Greg Mather

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