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APPL January letter from the Commissioner 

It's hard to believe we have completed the first third of our inaugural APPL season. After a summer of preparation which included coordination with city parks, community courts, website development, pre-season events and a multitude of administrative details we are happy to report it has all been extremely worthwhile. 

With well over 1000 pickleball players participating on close to 100 teams, over 175 matches have been played. Player feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and player interest coming from areas that are not currently involved in APPL has increased. 

Since this is the "inaugural" monthly letter from the Commissioner perhaps a brief review of how we got to this point is appropriate. After 7 successful seasons of an East Valley lnterclub League (coined the EVIL league) a group of players took on the task of introducing team based league pickleball to a greater population and area. With that objective in mind, the Arizona Pickleball Players League (APPL) was formed. A revised match format was piloted in the first quarter of 2019 with positive results. The majority of players involved had not been involved in the EVIL league and were experiencing team based league pickleball for the first time. The pilot league was a men's league and, at the conclusion of the pilot season, many women expressed interest in the format as well. They liked the team camaraderie, the quality competition, the home team and away team match play and the fact that the team match event only took about 2 hours to complete. The forecasted cost per season was also extremely attractive compared to other forms of competitive pickleball. 

An APPL Core team (yes, that's really our management team's name) was formed to bring team based league pickleball to the Casa Grande Region (SAPPL) and expand the East Valley Region to include Red APPL and transition EVIL to the APPL format and infrastructure. A tremendous amount of work was involved (touched on earlier in this note) and here we are today, well on our way in executing our Mission Statement: To provide infrastructure and leadership for the operation and expansion of amateur competitive team based pickleball leagues for men, women, boys and girls throughout the state of Arizona. 

If you happen to come across this letter via some other means than our website, please visit our website at We are a non-profit organization completely staffed with volunteers who believe that there are thousands of players that would enjoy team based league pickleball as an alternative or addition to already established tournament infrastructure. And while were talking about volunteers it would be remiss of me not to mention the great (and often thankless) job all of our Team Captains are doing. Without their leadership true team based league pickleball as presented by APPL would be impossible. Thank you captains! 

Next month it will be time to look at how the Regional Playoff Championships are shaping up. Our exciting conclusion to our inaugural season. 

Have a great February!   Greg Mather

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Bringing Competitive Team Based League Pickleball Throughout Arizona