Want To Bring APPL to Your City?



It is our objective to proliferate team-based league pickleball and the Arizona Pickleball Players League nationally.  Much like the 9 years running East Valley Interclub League (the origin of APPL) morphed into the Arizona Pickleball Players League it is our intent and we are positioned to expand APPL to become “the American Pickleball Players League”. 


Wouldn’t it be great to have the local Skill Group champion teams compete with other local Skill Group champion teams for a regional championship and then have the regional champions meet on a weekend to compete for a national championship?  This is exactly what 330,000 tennis players enjoy.  Why not pickleball?


To do this we need to standardize on a proven format across the country.  If you are considering implementing a team-based league for pickleball players in your area to enjoy, we hope you will consider using the APPL format.  With almost 10 years of experience APPL can help you deliver a proven team-based pickleball experience quickly and position your area to ultimately compete nationally.


We hope you will contact us at info@arizonapickleballplayersleague.org for more information.

Bringing Competitive Team Based League Pickleball Throughout Arizona