Arizona Pickleball Players League Waiver Form

Every player on every team is required to sign an APPL waiver prior to match play for Season 2021.  There is no need to fill out a paper waiver. The waiver is available below.

Waivers can be filled out on any device: computer, tablet or smartphone.  

If a player is on more than one team, the player must include each of the team names and the captains’ names on the waiver in the space “Team Name(s).”  Complete all fields, then click “submit.”  


The player will immediately get an acknowledgment of a successful submission,  and an email confirmation will be sent to the player. The waiver box on the online roster will be checked by an APPL administrator once the waiver is received and the player is verified as a team member.  

When filling out the waiver please note, the photo release consent box is checked by default as acceptable.  If a player does not agree to the use of his or her photos they must click the box to uncheck.  It is the captain's responsibility to make sure all team members fill in the waiver form and submit it. This can be verified by the captain going to their roster and observing the waiver checked boxes.  

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